Sunshine butts is butts part butts ((100 Man)) butts team butts has butts 2 butts sonic butts and butts healing butts also butts a butts belt butts karate. butts far butts has butts been butts once butts she butts to butts the hero team he only accepted when she saved his life. Logan was stripted of his powers and matched in a fight to the death against a professional wrestler and was almost killed until sunshine came in and used her power to imobilize him long enough for Logan to knock him out. He then accepted her request to join the superhero team she later was placed in a coma by medussa the villan who can control sleep patterns. She was out for 2 months before Alex superheated her brain until she awoke she then found she had a new power of pyrokienesis but her sonic scream was gone. Four months later she was battling negative 101 when she was struck with a heat ray when in fire mode she lost control of her fire and almost destroyed New York city. Alex Mitchell droped her in a volcano where she absorbed all of the heat and fell unconsious and emerged as a being of pure fire and flew to the sun she was disentegrated. She rose back from the ground a month later in a cacoon of lava and with only one power to live forever she then retired from Logans superhero team to live a life of peace but came back a year later claiming she could matierielize lava. She then joined Logan's team again until her spine was broken by a plutonian monster she then quit the team for good realizing that she could not stay without endangering her life.

Powers and abilitiesEdit

  • Rapid healing: She once got her leg cut off she completly healed within 5 seconds.
  • Sonic scream: She once completly shattered a robbers ear drums deafening him.
  • Pyrokienisis: She once controled a giant fire ball the size of moon from crashing into a nucuelar power plant.