100 Man Wiki

This is a soft reboot of my 100 Man stories. It involves an entirely new mythology and setting, and hopefully an entirely improved delivery of my imaginations and musings. The way I’ll describe the stories to come is a way of escape from boredom and the mundane. My imagination has not diminished as I have grown, if anything I’m happy to say I’m more familiar with it then ever. The reason I refuse to let go of it, is because it makes me who I am, I will always have a sense of wonder and an urge to create musings that are lighthearted but still manage to have depth (to me at least). The imaginings have always been a very mercurial concept to me, they change and take influence from who is important to me at the time.

What my average day to day was like, what I read, watched, what music I listened to, and what kinda story seemed to feel right to begin conceptualizing then and there. A half focused half daydream trance that was all of the stimulation in my life, whether fiction or reality, filtered through my hopes and doubts, creating a type of fleeting wish fulfillment that sometimes made me feel as though I was both creating and experiencing a story simultaneously, and not only that but one that was tailored to what I wanted to create and what I needed to discover.

I know that may seem like an odd or hard to believe concept, but it really is what I’ve done since I was a child, using my mind as a medium to splice all the things I’d experience in reality and entertainment. Somehow this became almost as if my mind state in these moments was like a dream, I could see reality but I quite literally could make my imaginings become more real than the world around me for little bits of time. Almost like my conscious and unconscious mind were working in the closest unison they ever had. The purpose of dreaming is your brain/unconscious minds way of trying to sort out problems in daily life, which means trying to make patterns out of the most inane and unremarkable things we do in life, and to use these patterns to avoid any negative response stimulus and achieve the most pleasurable stimulus possible, but obviously that’s not realistic.

So each person ends up more or less attempting to balance these 2 extremes, but every unique life and personality has different mosaics of bad and good feelings, this means a lot of people keep balance in mind but still seek out positive responses in the brain. Leading to a higher opportunity for a negative response to be experienced. Dreams are your mind trying to take every choice and experience you’ve had in waking life and figure out how to basically have the most pleasurable life possible. Hence why sleep is so important, your unconscious mind is thousands of times more powerful than your conscious thoughts and no matter how futile a brains attempt at getting you all the good and none of the bad, it’s still leagues more effective than if you were to have to figure it out while awake.

Anyway back to the musings. I always got a strange sense that I was conscious to what I liked and disliked about my day to day life, and the same for the entertainment I favoured, and the same especially for me as a person. And in those stories I just let my mind do the work and enjoyed it. It got to the point where I would organize and sort the particular stories that came to mind by genre, themes, what time in my life it took place and just the general layout of the plot. I had countless stories that built upon each other and retroactively improved the others, there was no definitive order or rhythm but eventually I saw there was a pattern of sorts. Eventually I became in a way reliant on these moments for a sense of stimulation, accomplishment, introspection, reflection, a kind of closure, and a feeling of doing the necessary amount of detachment from yet complete inspiration by reality and entertainment.

The anecdotes in my head would have a snow ball effect, once a rhythm was found in my story the amount of engaging ideas I thought of would grow exponentially, and somehow it was like my unconscious mind was taking every new idea, character, line, or scene I was forming, and connecting it perfectly in sequence with what I had thought up up to that. I literally felt like I was a viewer of a show or movie, sometimes even player of a video game or reader of a book. An audience that was taking in the latest entry of their favourite pastime or hobby, while all the while exercising my creative ability. Weirdly I found my stories similar to life in a way, by which I mean instead of plot points being the main focus, the characters were realistic in that they played off each other and were true to their nature, not made to say or do anything that would be out of character.

Really each story followed a similar but flexible guideline. Almost all the main characters were based on me(of course). Each type of story had a aspect of who I am exaggerated, and aspects of my life fictionalized and linked to metaphors and themes, this would then create avenues for storytelling that mirrored happenings in my life. Usually the exaggeration of my attributes would somehow be conceptualized into whatever genre the story was. As well as my general outlook on life at the time, what kind of interaction was I used to from people. The attributes of people I admired, the abilities and mentality of the heroes of my favourite media, the aspect I was exaggerating in myself all came together to form a main character who was usually introduced to the workings of that stories world, and through circumstance or fate is changed from a narrow, superficial world view, to an individual who matures and is shaped by his experiences in a world that gets imminently more high stakes and complex to survive in.

Rather than settle for safety and the comfort of the familiar life he knows, he takes his shot at making a difference, sealing his fate as one that will be of great importance to the world he joins, with event after event centred around his choices, he eventually becomes increasingly and evidently more able and willing to put everything he is and will grow to be to help people, and to convince other people to do the same. This often causes him to develop strong friendships with a spectrum of such variety that on occasion the only thing in common they have is to have had an experience with Logan that affected their outlook on life. Usually starting a common theme that people actually realize that (to his increasing frustration) Logan’s world view and ideals are only overshadowed by his increasingly apparent peerless potential for combat and prodigious talent in fields that could change the world in an immense way, whether the people are ready for it or not.